10 tips to write better lyrics

10 tips to write better lyrics

Do you want to improve your material and learn how to write better lyrics? In this article we are giving you 10 tips on how you overall can write better lyrics.

Find inspiration from your everyday life.

Songs have to have a meaning or a theme of some kind and we think that the best way to write a song is by getting inspiration from your own life. Maybe you just broke up with a girlfriend or boyfriend, or maybe you find yourself in a special situation that everyone should know of. There is always inspiration to find everywhere around you and the only one who can tell your story is you.

If you follow your favorite musicians on social media, then try to notice whenever something happens in their life. Not long after it happened they are likely to have made a song about it.

Choosing a theme for your song.

When you write a song you should pick a theme for it. Let’s say that you want it to be a sad and emotional song, then you should pick chords according to it. Instead of an “A” chord you could use an “Am” (just to give an example).

When choosing a theme you can make music and lyrics fit together. This gives you the best possible chances to move your listeners emotionally or make it easier for them to relate to your song. Therefore choosing a theme and sticking with it is a great idea.

Write down your lyrics as a story.

Often it can be hard to tell a story with only a few lines. Therefore we recommend writing down your song as a story first. 

Writing your song as a story makes it easier for you to see what information you need to bring into your lyrics and what to cut away. You can write the first verse and then the story you would like to tell from it, then go on with the second verse and first after that start to write the chorus. Of course if you have more than 2 verses you can write those first. We are just trying to give ideas on ways to build up your song and make your storyline fit. 

Once you have a story to tell and an awesome chorus you can start turning the lines into rhymes. After you have written a verse it will be a great idea giving it to someone you trust and asking them to tell you the story. If the stories match you have done your job good. 

Analyze similar songs before writing.

Writing songs is easy but writing good and catchy songs takes practice. We recommend that you start analyzing songs to see how they were built in order to give yourself techniques and knowledge. 

When analyzing songs you should be analyzing those within the same genre. 

Write lyrics without any music.

Often when writing a song we tend to figure out a melody before writing a text. Doing this can make the process harder since you now have to fit your story and lines into the melody you have made. 

Instead we recommend writing the lyrics first and then afterwards make the melody so that you easily can fit it to your story. Writing your melody before the lyrics is not a wrong way to do it, you could easily find it easier the other way around, therefore you should not stop what you are currently doing to write the lyrics before the music. But if you feel stuck and that it is hard, then it would be a good way to test if you find it easier the other way around.

Collaborate with other songwriters.

Most musicians find it hard to come up with new topics and songs, therefore we recommend collaborating with other musicians. By collaborating you can share the process of writing and composing and as they say: two minds are better than one. 

When collaborating with musicians you are not only helping yourself write your songs. You are also gaining experience so that you in the future are better than you were before. Also by collaborating you can climb the latter and expand your fan base and gain even more followers.

Let your chorus, hook or refrain do the work.

When building a song you normally use the verses to tell the story. When you tell the story you want to do it in a more monotone melody because you tend to listen more to what you are actually singing. If you listen to popular songs you will hear that the verses are more straight in tones and without so much melody.

When building the chorus and hooks you want to put in more melody. The melody will make people listen to the music and not the lyrics. Therefore we recommend to keep the chorus clean and easy to remember since it will make it easier to learn and catchy for the listeners. Add a great melody and you are on your way to create a hit song.

Paint pictures with your words.

When writing your story you should try to paint a picture with your words. Instead of writing: And then it hurts, then you can paint a picture by writing: it's stabbing my heart and the pain is unbearable. 

To make people understand the emotions of your lyrics you need to be able to transfer the feelings to them just by using words. Once you have learned to grab the listeners just by using words, then you can add the tones and melody to make the story even more emotional.

Save details for your verses.

As mentioned earlier, you are telling a story in your verses and then you are focusing on the melody at your chorus and an overall punchline. 

Keep your chorus and hooks simple in order to catch more listeners and then save the juicy details that makes people understand for your verses.

Don’t be afraid to go outside the box.

It is so easy to get caught up using the same methods for every song, but don’t be afraid of thinking outside the box. Thinking outside the box will help you refresh your style and make sure that every single art piece is outstanding. 

Thinking outside the box will also help you figure out the best way for you to write hit songs.