5 good reasons your band should use SetlistR

5 good reasons your band should use SetlistR

Being in a band is nice and you most likely love almost every aspect of playing together with your friends, but when there is something good there is also something bad. If you like most other musicians feel like maintaining lyrics and setlists, printing papers and buying ink isn’t on the top of your love-list, then we have given you 5 good reasons why you and your band should start using SetlistR.

I. Spend more time on what you love

By taking away some of the time that you spend on things that you don’t really like we are able to bring you more time for things that you do like, like playing music for example.

II. Let everyone participate

Instead of only giving the job of maintaining and updating lyrics to one person in the band it is now a task that everyone can participate in. Let everyone do their part and help minimize the amount of time it takes to update and maintain your material.

III. No more ink and paper

When using SetlistR You won’t have to go out and buy more expensive ink and paper in order to print out lyrics, chords and setlists. Now everything will be on your mobile, tablet or computer and you will always have it with you no matter where you go.

IIII. Do something good for the environment

By bringing down the amount of paper being bought and used for printing lyrics, chords and setlists you do something good for the environment. Buying less paper will over time lower the production of more paper and therefore less trees will be taken down in order to produce the paper.

V. You always have your material with you

We never know exactly when the inspiration hit us or if you all of a sudden get’s hijacked to play a mini gig. Therefore it is a good thing to always have your material with you no matter where you go. SetlistR works on your mobile, tablet and laptop so that you’ll never be in a situation where you can’t access your material when it is needed.

We hope that by giving you these 5 reasons we have helped you decide to try out SetlistR for yourself. When joining our SetlistR Premium subscription you will automatically be given a 30 days free trial so that you can try our premium features together with your band completely free of charge. If you don’t stop the subscription after your trial period ends then the subscription will continue until you decide to stop it.