5 tips on how to get more concerts / gigs

5 tips on how to get more concerts / gigs

2020 has been a slow year because of the corona virus that has been terrorizing the world, and the virus probably meant that you either lost gigs or didn’t get any in the first place.

Don’t think for a second that this is the end of your music career. There are many other ways to promote yourself and in this article we are giving You 5 great tips on how to get more concerts. Applying these 5 tips already now will give you a head start when the virus is gone and people are planning parties once again.

Become a member of an agency where people can hire you.

For a musician that doesn’t get many jobs or still haven’t had any at all it is not easy to convince yourself to become a paying member of an agency. But becoming a member of an agency or a society where people can hire you is one of the best cards you have in the deck. If you think about it for a moment: being seen in places where people actively are looking for a musician for their event is a huge opportunity and if you can pay a few dollars a month to be shown as one of the first on the list is even better.

You can look at it the same way as when it comes to SEO on google. People usually choose one of the first results if it matches their wishes, so you are located on page 13 or not even on that website, then you are sure that people won’t find you. You might spend a few dollars a month, but if you play your cards right then it will come back to you many times.

Do some busking in the city.

Busking is a great tool to bring yourself out there and let people know who you are. When busking in your city you let thousands of people listen to your music and what you can do. You can spice things up by putting out a hat and maybe a sign with your name and a link to your social media profiles.

Busking can seem scary at first but once you get used to it, you can gain a bigger fan base just by playing or jamming in the streets.

Mingle with the attendees after your gigs.

You are probably tired after playing 4 hours of music and it is already past midnight, but at this moment you are only halfway done with tonight’s gig. You have performed in front of a crowd and now is your chance to let them bite on to you.

To mingle with the attendees at an event is a fantastic tool to get yourself more gigs or a bigger fan base. There are always people opening up and telling you that your performance was great and that they might have an event later that year or next year. If you don’t talk to people and show yourself as an open and nice person chances are that they will find someone else. Give them your business card or make them like your social media profile or even give them a discount offer if they book you that night for their next event.

Mingling with the attendees after an event is a bit like blacksmithing. You have heated up the iron for a long time and now you need to hammer it before it gets cold. Don’t let people forget how good your performance was and sign them while they are flying high.

Be active on social media.

A great way to reach more people is by being an active member of social media websites. On Facebook you can create your own facebook page where people can like and follow you. On Instagram you can post updates from your gigs and let people get a peek behind the scenes.

It doesn't take much to gain more followers through social media. All it takes is that you upload a great video and then get your followers to share it with their friends. 

If you are not the biggest fan of Facebook and Instagram you can also join YouTube where you can upload videos of your music and even do live videos.

Warm up to bands as promotion.

Being the warmup band for someone bigger than yourself is a great way of promoting your music and it will most likely give you more gigs. It can feel a bit odd to stand on stage playing for people who are not interested in You or your music, but if you do it well they will remember you. Already the fact that you warm up for someone bigger than you gives the audience a feeling that you are great.