Create and store lyrics in the cloud

Create and store lyrics in the cloud

For many years it has been an industri standard to write lyrics on paper and to simply print new when they are needed. Doing so usually means buying expensive ink and lots of paper in order to keep up with the constant changes. Besides the regular changes we also need to print multiple copies if the lyrics are used in bands or in multiple setlists. This is very time consuming and can also be very expensive in the long run.

SetlistR is founded by real-life musicians that used to have the job buying ink and printing papers for the rest of the band simply because we were the one’s with a printer at home. Maybe you have tried it yourself and maybe You are in it right now. Then You can definitely follow us when we say that it is not always as fun as it might look.

What is SetlistR?

SetlistR is an online service / web application for musicians all around the world. At SetlistR you can create and maintain your lyrics in the cloud so that you always have them with you no matter where you are. We keep regular backup’s of our databases so that we can ensure you won’t accidentally lose your material and as an advantage compared to paper you won’t misplace them anywhere.

Many things today is happening on the internet but when it comes to creating lyrics and editing them then it is still happening on paper. This is one of the things SetlistR would like to help changing. We believe that by bringing lyrics and setlist’s online we participate in making the world a better place. Every time you choose SetlistR over pen and paper you help lessen the amount of paper being produced around the world and that means less trees being taken down.

It is completely free to get started with SetlistR since we have a free subscription type that allows you up to 15 lyrics and 1 setlist. Then you can try if SetlistR is something for you and if you decide to stick with us we will give you 1 whole month of SetlistR Premium for free. SetlistR Premium is giving you unlimited lyrics, unlimited setlist’s and it opens up for unlimited groups / bands where you can share lyrics and setlist.

Creating lyrics with SetlistR

Adding lyrics to your list might seem to take a huge amount of time, but with SetlistR it won’t. If you already have your lyrics and chords in a digital version is it simply copy / paste and SetlistR takes care of the rest. We have implemented a build our lyrics in a way that will detect chords and then find an image showing you how to play the chord. Chords can be written in the old fashion ChordPro way or you can simply write it as a single letter.

Not everyone is creating lyrics the same way. Some might want it to look nice and presentable with headlines and beautiful chords while others simply copy / paste everything in there. None of them are wrong and therefore we have chosen to maximise the amount of customisation you can add to your lyrics.