Green initiative to lower the use of paper around the world

Green initiative to lower the use of paper around the world

How many trees are taken down each year?

When talking about this subject most people start thinking about how many trees we have on our earth and how many that we are taking down each year to use for paper or other sorts of use in our everyday life.

A study from 2015 shows that there are about 3 trillion trees on earth and we take down about 15.3 billion each year to use for paper, wrapping, toilet paper, paper bags and much more. That is a lot of trees but luckily the number seems to go down a bit now that we have stepped into the digital age.

What effect does trees have?

The trees have a huge effect on our climate and they are actually helping us convert CO2 into breathable air again. A relatively new study has shown that if we cover 7% of the earth we would be able to convert the amount of CO2 that we use today into breathable air. The study also shows that if we want to bring our CO2 level back to the beginning of industrial time then we would need to cover 25% of the earth with trees.

Covering the earth with trees is probably not the way to go, but the trees can always help us along the way. Therefore it is important to care for the environment and do what we can to save it.

How can you help the environment by using SetlistR?

By switching to SetlistR you are taking a big step in the right direction and helping to lower the use of paper and deforestation around the world. As musicians we often need to print out new versions of lyrics or setlists and it costs lots of paper which comes from trees. So every time that you are printing out a new copy of some lyric you are helping to deforest the world.

When hosting your lyric library in the cloud you are taking away the use of paper and of course the cost of buying ink to your printer. Never will you have to print a physical copy of a song or setlist again since you with SetlistR can open and interact with them directly in the app or at the website. Beside making it easier for you as a solo musician we have also included valuable functions for groups / bands as they can share the workload maintaining band material between the members. When you use SetlistR Groups you will have all of your lyric and setlist material at one place accessible to all members of the group.

How do i get started?

It is very easy and simple to get started and best of all it only takes 2 seconds since you can login using your Facebook account. To create a free account you head to our Register page, where you will have the option to fill out either the signup form or click on “Register with Facebook”. After you have gone through the signup process you are ready to get started.