How to get your music on Spotify

How to get your music on Spotify

As any serious artist out there You most likely want the same, to publish your music to places like Apple Music, Tidal, Google Play Music and Spotify. This article will guide you through the process of distributing your music to Spotify for free.

Why would I want to publish my music to Spotify?

It has always been a goal for musicians all around the world to work with record labels, publish CDs and play giant concerts. In the age we are living in the music industry has evolved a lot and today it is no longer required to work with a record label in order to publish your music. You can do it all by yourself.

To publish your music to Spotify shows that you are a serious musician and it also brings your art out to many more people. Showing your work to as many people as possible is what you want to do if the goal is to become famous and why not be able to earn a little money on the way to cover some of the expenses.

How do I distribute my music to Spotify for free?

A few years ago all of the agencies would make you pay in order to distribute music to places like Spotify, but today it is possible to do for free, or almost for free. If you distribute your music for free through an agency you will keep the rights but 10% of the sales go to the distributors in order to cover their expenses publishing your art.

Get started by navigating to:

and sign up for a free account. Once you have created your free account you will be able to upload your music and your artwork. After filling in the details Songtradr will take care of the rest and make sure your music gets published to Spotify so that people from all around the world can find your music.

Do I decide the price on my music?

With Songtradr you can choose to use Default Pricing which will price your music according to the music industry standard. This feature will make sure that your single or album isn't too cheap or too expensive compared to other material on the market. You also have the opportunity to choose your own pricing by adding it as a setting. 

Do I lose the rights to my music when choosing Songtradr?

With Songtradr you don't lose any of your rights to your art. Many other agencies will take away your rights so that they own it and so they can do what they want with your music, but with Songtradr you keep all your rights. You can read more about your rights on Songtradrs FAQ which you find in their support section on their website.