Install SetlistR on your Samsung device (Phone, Tablet)

Install SetlistR on your Samsung device (Phone, Tablet)

When we built SetlistR we did it so that the web application (PWA - Progressive Web Application) could be used on all major platforms like phones, tablets and computers. The way we have done it makes it possible to access SetlistR both as a website and as an installable application on your device no matter if you prefer Android, iOS or Windows.

Underneath here we have written a small guide on how you can install SetlistR as an application on your device. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us on, then we will get back to you as fast as possible.

How to install SetlistR on your Samsung device

Installing a PWA (Progressive Web Application) is a little different from installing an app from the Google Play store, but we promise you that it is just as simple.

I. First open up your Samsung browser on your device. We have chosen this specific browser since it supports PWA and also comes with an option to login using your fingerprint or eye.

II. Navigate to our website and look out for a small plus sign at the right side of the url-bar. When you click this plus sign you will install SetlistR as an app on your phone.

When using the integrated Samsung web browser in your device you have the option to remember your login credentials in Samsung Keep. This means every time you open up SetlistR you can quickly login using your fingerprint or your eye.