Lyric Prompting app on iOS, Android, OSx or Windows device

Lyric Prompting app on iOS, Android, OSx or Windows device

Create beautiful lyrics

Writing lyrics is time-consuming and when you are trying to make them beautiful at the same time it takes even longer. SetlistR helps you shorten that time significantly by giving you a system where you can add lyrics quickly. When you are using our “lyrics-editor” your songs will automatically contain a preset of styles to ensure a good-looking and readable lyric.

When you create a new lyric you will be able to customise the content of the paper depending on which content you want to add. By letting us take care of styling and letting you take care of the customisation, the end result is perfect lyrics.

Host your lyrics in the clouds

When using SetlistR, you utomatically host all of your lyrics in the cloud. This way you have access to them no matter where you are in the world or whenever you need them. We keep weekly backups of our database to prepare for the worst and to always have a copy of your work when it is needed.

Hosting your lyrics in the cloud is smarter than keeping them on your local hard drive. If you think about it, on your local hard drive you are vulnerable to lots of things and it only takes one silly mistake in order for all your work to disappear. When hosting your lyrics in the cloud you always have an online copy that you can access at any time needed and since SetlistR is build as a PWA (Progressive web application) you can access from any device you have available.

Add visual chords for guitar

As an extra feature to our lyrics we have built the ability to display beautiful guitar chords. Displaying the chords are simple, since the only thing you have to do is writing the chord’s letters. Once you open up a lyric containing chords you will see beautifully rendered images of how to play those chords.

On your desktop, chords will be displayed to the right. On your mobile you will find them below your lyrics. You can also turn this feature off by going to your Settings and toggle off the feature in the customisation section.

All your lyrics in one place

When using SetlistR you are sure to have your whole library of lyrics in one single place. By clicking on the Lyrics link in the menu you will see all of the lyrics you currently have hosted on SetlistR’s platform.

Making changes to lyrics have never been easier. Simply click the edit button on a lyric, make the changes and click save once you are done. Next time you or your band opens up the lyric the new changes will be seen.

Create customised setlists for gigs

The great thing about hosting all of your lyrics at SetlistR is the accessibility to them anytime you want. Having this access comes in handy when you need customised setlists for events/gigs. In the Setlists menu tab you can create customised setlists with your songs and organise them in the order you need them to be presented.

If you have created a group together with a band, all of the members will be able to access and help maintain the setlist in order to minimise the amount of work.

Lyric Prompting at stage

On stage it can be hard to keep track of all the lyrics, and having a huge holder for them is not very cool. It takes away the experience and the audience often thinks that you are hiding away. Instead of bringing lyrics or chords on paper, You can use SetlistR. Since you already host all of your lyrics and have probably made a customised setlist for this event, you can simply open the setlist and click “Start live view”.

Start live view will open up the lyrics from your setlist one by one and display them in the order you have chosen for your setlist. At the bottom you can change the font size to fit your screen and easily toggle between the songs on your setlist. As an extra feature we have also made sure that your screen doesn’t turn off once you are in live mode.

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