Set list maker for iOS, Android, Mac and Windows

Set list maker for iOS, Android, Mac and Windows

Being able to create set list’s quick and easily as a musician is a powerful tool. Often musicians have to customise a set list for the specific event and if they have all their material marked down on paper it can take a while and of cause cost a lot of ink and paper. 

This is where SetlistR comes in the picture. In this article we will explain to You why a set list app is important and what it can offer You!

All your lyrics in one place

SetlistR is more than just a set list maker. You can host all of your lyrics directly in our app and get access to them whenever You need it wherever You need it. Having all of your lyrics in the cloud is helping to save your material from getting lost or worn over time. We all know that it can be expensive to print and maintain copies of lyrics that are used most of the time. 

Hosting all of your lyrics in the cloud will also save You time. With SetlistR You will have all your lyrics on one list, and maintenance is only one click away. You can as easy as blinking with your eyes add your songs to your setlists and reorder them as fit. 

Use SetlistR on stage

SetlistR is not only your companion in the studio or while you are practicing. You can also use our app while playing live gigs. Instead of bringing physical paper till and from gigs you simply bring your desired device with you on stage, click “Start live view” and You will be ready to play the customised set list you have prepared. 

We have also included an automatic dark-mode which detects your preferred system settings. If you have enabled dark-mode on your device SetlistR will automatically make use of dark-mode as well.

Synchronise lyrics and setlists with your bandmates

Maintaining band material can be a struggle since there often are change to make the songs fit every member, but also struggles like the cost of paper and ink to your printer. With SetlistR Groups you don’t have to buy any more ink for your printer or print out multiple copies of your lyrics. You have all your material in one database and every member from the band can help you edit the material to fit their needs.

As a new feature we have also added lyric comments which allows you to easily push small comments and thoughts directly to the lyrics. Comments can be used in case you need to remember a detail or in case you need to remember a small change that doesn’t reflect the version the other members are seeing.

Help lowering the use of paper in the music industry

The world is riding a green wave and SetlistR have joined in order to help lowering the use of paper in the music industry. It is no secret that musicians use lots of paper in order to print lyrics and setlists. By using SetlistR you minimise your paper-use by hosting all of your lyrics online on servers that are running on 100% renewable energy.

If You take a moment to think about how many times and how often You have to print something out. It is most likely every time a paper is worn up, gets lost or something has changed and if you are multiple band members that often happens.

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