SetlistR can now be found on

SetlistR can now be found on

SetlistR has been in the development state for a while but now we are finally out with our free version that includes up to 15 lyrics in our collection and 1 setlist. Later this year we will be publishing our premium subscription which opens up for unlimited lyrics and unlimited setlists. The premium subscription will also unlock the "Groups" feature where you easily can share material between you and your group members.

SetlistR is a PWA

PWA is most likely an unknown expression to most people, but it is becoming more and more normal to create websites as PWA's (Progressive Web Applications). By turning our website / service into a PWA we open up the opportunity to place ourselves in the Google Play store and also the Apple App Store. We also open up so that you can "Install" SetlistR as a web application in your app collection on either phone, tablet or computer. 

If you are interested in installing SetlistR as an application on your device, then please head over to our blog section where you will find a set of articles explaining how you can install our service on your device.

Find us at the

In our effort of reaching out and spreading the word we have made it possible to find us at the We are expecting that in the future you will be able to find us at more app collection stores like Google Play and Apple App store, but for now we are making our way through the progressive web app stores around the internet.