SetlistR is introducing dark-mode

SetlistR is introducing dark-mode

Dark-mode is becoming more and more popular now that devices such as phones, tablets and computers support it. Some screens on the market today will use significantly less power when dark-mode is enabled, and that is also why it is getting so popular.

SetlistR is going hybrid.

We are proud to announce that SetlistR is now a hybrid between light and dark-mode. We have integrated it into our system so that our website automatically detects whether your device is using light or dark mode.

Let's say that you by day have set your device to use light-mode / normal-mode and by sunset it switches to dark-mode in order to either save battery or to put less strain on your eyes, then SetlistR will automatically change together with your system. This feature will come in handy when you are playing live gigs since your device will be using less battery power. Powering a screen displaying white with a little dark text takes up lots of energy, and if you are playing for many hours it is not sure your device will last until you are done. But by switching to dark-mode you lower the power usage and your device will for sure last till you are done playing.

Browser support.

Today it is not all browsers on the market that out of the box supports light and dark-mode. But if you are using a browser that does not support the feature you will still be able to use the main / normal design by default.