SetlistR will soon be here

SetlistR will soon be here

SetlistR (Setlister) has been in the cooking for a long time but now the waiting time will soon be over and SetlistR will be made public to the musicians around the world. If you, like many other musicians have been wondering “What is SetlistR” and “Why should i use it” then we have given you a few good reasons below.

What is SetlistR?

SetlistR is a cross-platform PWA web application for both desktop, tablets and mobile-phones. This means we are functioning both as a “Mobile application” and as a website. Our service can be installed as an app through your browser and it can at the same time be visited as a regular website.

But what is SetlistR? SetlistR is a new service available for musicians all around the globe. No matter if you are in a band or you are a solo musician you have the opportunity to use SetlistR. You can create and maintain lyrics directly in the cloud and easily create setlists for every event. Never has it been easier to create and update your material and at the same time share it with multiple people. It literally only takes a few clicks to get started.

SetlistR is built by musicians and we understand the struggle of updating lyrics and setlists, printing papers and buying ink. Usually this task will be given to the member with the printer at home, but with SetlistR that time is over. Now you can create lyrics and setlists in the cloud and quickly find them when they are needed. No more printing papers and buying expensive ink. Simply click edit, do the changes and everyone will be able to see it.

Why should i use it?

We hope to inspire you to try it out for yourself. With SetlistR you are not only saving expensive time that could have been used with your family or practicing together with your band, you are also doing a big part for the environment by not using paper and ink. Every time you are printing out a new piece of paper you are contributing to an industry taking down our forests around the world, but by every piece of paper you don’t print you help saving the forests.

SetlistR is coming in a free version and a Premium version. The free version contains up to 15 free lyrics and 1 setlist so you can get started right away. Our Premium subscription lets you create unlimited lyrics and setlists and even gives you access to Groups where you can share lyrics and setlists between you and your group members. All of the premium features is unlocked for only 10,- SEK (Swedish kroner) a month which is equal to about 1 USD.