Switch to SetlistR and help saving the planet

Switch to SetlistR and help saving the planet

One of the big topics today is the environment and how we can become greener. In this small article we will try to help answer how SetlistR can help you become more green and do something good for the environment.

What happens when you buy paper and print on it?

Many people will argue that when buying paper nothing really happens to the environment. The companies already took down the trees and turned them into the white printing paper you see at the store, but that is not completely true. It’s correct that once the tree has been taken down and turned into paper there is no way back, but you can still make a difference.

If people start buying less paper the stores will order less paper from the companies and over time less trees will be taken down since less people are buying paper. It’s a ripple effect and only by changing the behavior from the end-customers side will we be able to change the behaviour of the companies behind the paper, and it is simple: They are interested in money, and they are trying to meet the demand of their customers. If there is less or no demand they will create less paper.

How can SetlistR help?

SetlistR is a paper-free web application where you can create and host unlimited lyrics and setlists. SetlistR is available to both mobile, tablet and computer to make sure you always have access to your material whenever you need it.

By using SetlistR you help lessen the amount of paper produced around the world since all the paper that you would have been using on lyrics and setlists all of a sudden is being kept online instead of being printed. Over time that will help bring down the production of paper and thereby help save our precious forests.

If you are interested in trying out SetlistR we are giving out a 30 days free trial when signing up for our Premium subscription (which already costs less than a Snickers per month). SetlistR Premium also gives access to groups which allows you to share lyrics and setlists directly with all your group / band members.