System update: Your personal data is now encrypted

System update: Your personal data is now encrypted

Your data is important to us and also your privacy. Therefore we have included some upgrades in the latest system update that encrypts all your personal information in our database. With this encryption your personal information will be save and unreadable to any eyes besides yours. 

We also believe that privacy should be a right of all human beings, therefore we have also encrypted our new feature “Comments on lyrics”. Every time you write a comment to a lyric / song it will be encrypted and stored as an encrypted text in the database.

How does the encryption work?

We have made the encryption so that it starts by you providing sensitive information to us. Once that information has been sent with HTTPS to our backend, it will be encrypted with an encryption key that is stored offline. Once the information has been encrypted it will be stored in our database till next time you need it. 

When your account needs the information in the frontend it will be sent from the database to the server where it will be decrypted and sent to you over HTTPS.