Take advantage of your free time during the corona pandemic

Take advantage of your free time during the corona pandemic

The corona pandemic is over us all and we are all sitting at home waiting for things to happen so that we hopefully can go back to our old lives. But who knows, maybe life after the pandemic will never be the same, maybe this will be the new reality that we are going to live afterwards. By the time that this post was written the pandemic had been going on for a few months and you probably feel like we and most other people do, that it would be nice if it ended soon.

The first few weeks probable felt like fun and you had something to do, but now a few months after the situation might look different. Even though it looks like there are no lights at the end of the tunnel we assure you that there are. Until we find our way through we have a few tips on what you could spend your time on while sitting at home.

I. Maintain your music gear.

Now that you are stuck at home it might be a great time to clean and do some maintenance of your music gear. Maybe it is time to take the strings of your guitar and give it a good scrub and finish of by polishing it so that it is ready for when the pandemic is over.

II. Write some original material.

One thing is sure and that is that the pandemic might not be forgotten any time soon. It have brought much sorrow to many of us and shown us sides of ourselves we didn’t know we had. Take your experience during this pandemic and turn it into new original songs that you can play when the pandemic is over.

III. Update lyrics and setlist’s.

If you are used to playing gigs and usually play at different types of events then it might be a good time to go through and update your material. Give your lyrics a brush to see if you can find a better way to sing them or maybe add a capo in first fret. You can also prepare yourself for all the gigs that are coming your way by creating setlist’s for different types of events. To give you an example you can create 3 different setlist’s made for bar-gigs and then test them once the pandemic is over. Doing setlist-tests is a great idea since you find the best way to catch your audience. Your fans and your calendar will thank you for it.

IIII. Do a live concert on Facebook, Instagram or YouTube.

Spreading awareness of your music and your talent is never wrong, and right now is probably the best time to show your presence online at the different social media platforms. Do a live concert and help entertaining people at home and at the same time gain a bigger fan-base. Who knows, maybe it might even bring you extra events for your calendar once this pandemic is over.

V. Learn a new instrument.

You might have been interested in learning a new instrument for a while and now you most likely have the time to learn playing it. Look up free online courses and start your journey, maybe when the pandemic is over you will be ready to include the instrument into your set.