Upcoming feature - Create comments on your lyrics

Upcoming feature - Create comments on your lyrics

A new feature will be coming to SetlistR soon. We are proud to announce that soon You will be able to add personalized comments to your lyrics. This feature will make it possible for you to add small messages that you can use to either remind yourself of things or maybe small changes that are not worth editing the whole lyric for.

What can I use comments for?

Comments can be used to add special information that you don't want to add directly to the lyric. To give you an example. Let's say You are the lead guitarist and backup singer in a band and your chords are a bit different from the rhythm guitar. Then you have the option to note down those changes and remind yourself of them when practicing or when playing live gigs.

Comments can also be used in case you are transposing the song and don't want to change all of the chords in your lyric. If that is the case, then you can write that for example D changes to F to remind yourself or even which fret the cabo should be placed.

Who will be able to see my comments?

The comments will mainly only be visible to you (the creator) since they most often are private, but when creating the comment you can choose if the comment should be public or private. It will only be possible to make your comments public if you are adding them to a group lyric. Your private lyrics cannot contain public comments since those lyrics only are visible to You.

When will comments be made public?

We are working hard to implement comments into our system and we expect it to arrive at the end of September 2020. If you haven't subscribed to our newsletter you can do that in the footer on the website. In our newsletter you will receive further information about when we are launching comments on lyrics.