Update lyrics and setlists during the corona pandemic

Update lyrics and setlists during the corona pandemic

It is a hard time for everyone right now that the corona virus is terrorising the world and in the music business we don’t see much happening at the concert and festival front.

If you like most other musicians are out of work and your calendar is empty, then we have a few ideas to what you could be spending your time on now that you are stuck at home with not much else to do.

Few good tips on what you can do.

I. Update or add lyrics to your book.

If you are stuck at home you might as well be using some of time practicing new songs or even write them yourself. As musicians we have to update our repertoire from time to time and now that the calendar is empty you might as well be doing that. While you are at it, you could switch to using SetlistR and start hosting your lyrics in the cloud so that you always have them with you. 

II. Create setlist’s for certain events.

If you are playing gigs almost everywhere then it might be a great idea to create setlists for certain types of events. Let’s say that you usually play at bars and pubs in the summer, so let’s sit down and create 2 or 3 different setlists that you can test when the pandemic is over. Testing different setlists is a good way to see how you are catching the crowd the best possible way and in the end it might help you with even more gigs.

III. Do a live concert on Facebook, Instagram or YouTube.

If there is one place that most people are located right now, then it is at social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. You could set up a live convert in front of a camera and microphone to show your support and to spread awareness of yourself. Playing live concerts could easily land you new gigs in the future and who knows, maybe live concerts could be the next “thing” in the music business.

IIII. Maintain and repair your gear.

When playing gigs every weekend and practicing in between your gear can get to look a bit worn if you don’t maintain it often. Maybe it is time to sit down, take off the strings and start polishing the old guitar or maybe even do some repairs.

We hope that You and everyone else out there are safe and that You will get through this pandemic without sickness. We all need to help each other to get through this and we hope that we have helped inspiring you to a few things to do.