Why you should be using a setlist app

Why you should be using a setlist app

Life as a musician today can take up much of your time and time is something we don’t have a lot of with full-time jobs, family, kids and friends. But there are ways we can improve our all-over time when it comes to the maintenance of our music material such as lyrics and setlists. In this post we will talk a bit about the impact it has on the environment when you use paper to print your setlists on, how You as a musician could use a setlist app to gain more time for other stuff and what SetlistR is and how we can help you.

What impact does it have on the environment to use paper for your setlists?

Today we are living in a more digitalized world full of computers, tablets and smartphones. But we still have a long way to go when it comes to figuring out smart ways of using these devices to our advantages such as gaining more time for what we want and doing something good for the environment.

According to a study made in 2015 there are approximately 3 trillion trees on our planet and every year we are taking down 15.3 billion trees in order to make paper, toilet paper and other types of wood products. 15.3 billion trees is a lot and of course it has an impact on not only the environment as a whole but also the animals living in nature. Trees work as a filtering system for the earth. We as humans are letting out tons of CO2 every year and the trees are helping to filter the air so that we get more O2 which is breathable air. Now that you know the facts you are ready and more open to hearing about a solution that will lower the use of paper and give you more time for things you like.

How can you as a musician improve by using a setlist app?

There are many ways that you as a musician can improve and spend your time better when it comes to maintaining your material and creating setlists for events. Here in this article we will introduce You to a tool that will make you save time on maintaining and creating customized setlists for your events.

Most musicians today are using the classic method of having one or multiple printed versions of all their lyrics and chords and then every time they are playing a gig they will create a customized setlist. Creating a setlist the traditional way takes up lots of time since you first have to create the order, write it into a document and print it out. After you have decided for an order you will have to rearrange your lyric library to fit this specific setlist so that you just turn a page in order to get to the next song.

When using a setlist app the process looks a bit different. You start by giving your new setlist a name. Afterwards you choose the lyrics you would like to include from your lyrics library, arrange them in the right order and click save. Once the setlist has been saved You can click on it and simply scroll through the songs You have included. No more printing papers, no more buying expensive ink for your printer, no more time consuming work arranging your lyrics by hand. Simple drag and drop, click save and you are good to go.

What is SetlistR and how do you get started?

SetlistR is a web application made for musicians all around the world. The main features of SetlistR is that you can host your lyrics library, write lyrics with visual chords, easily create and maintain setlists, create groups and easily share all band material with your group members.

When creating lyrics you can customize them as you want and even add visual chords (Images that show you how to play the chords). When creating setlists you simply add the songs you want and arrange them in the order you see fit. If You have created a group and added your band members you will be able to share all your material directly with the members. This allows you to easily share the task of maintaining your material and collaborate on future things.

SetlistR has a live feature which makes it possible to bring your device (Computer, Tablet or phone) with you on stage. Open up your desired setlist and click “Start live view” and you will start scrolling through the lyrics added to your setlist one by one in the order you made them.

If you are interested in SetlistR You can head directly to our registration page to start your free account. Signing up only takes 2 seconds if you use our “Register with facebook” feature.