Create lyrics as a duo

Creating lyrics and songs as a duo is supposed to be a fun activity, but often it gets overshadowed by the cost of time, paper and ink. If you also feel like that you have most definitely come to right place. Here we will explain what SetlistR is and how we can make the songwriting process more fun and easy!

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What is SetlistR?

SetlistR is an online PWA (Progressive web application) for musicians all around the world where you can create lyrics with visual chords and store them in the cloud. Hosting your lyrics in the cloud makes sure that you always have your material with you no matter where you go.

Back in the earlier 2000’s the developers behind SetlistR were musicians just like You. Over the years they thought about what was missing back in the days and one thing came to their mind: An online hosting service that would contain your whole lyrics library so that you always have your material with you. A service where You could create customised setlists and play them on stage instead of organising a folder and bring along tons of papers every time you play a gig. In simple words, SetlistR is your all-in-one tool where you create beautiful lyrics, create customised setlists and share material between you and your band-members.

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Create lyrics as a duo

With SetlistR your duo can create lyrics together. With SetlistR Groups you create a group and add your other half to it. After the other half have accepted your invitation You will be able to share material between in each and help each other maintain material in your shared drive.

The lyrics are saved in the cloud.

All the lyrics that you create together duo will end up in your drive and be securely stored in our cloud. We keep weekly backups of our database in order to always have a secure copy of your material and on top of that we encrypt sensitive data so that You can feel extra safe.

Having your lyrics in the cloud makes sure that no matter where You go You have all your material with you.

Maintain lyrics as a duo

When hosting your duo’s lyrics library with SetlistR You will all be able to help each other maintain material. Simply log in, click on your groups name and chose which lyric in your collection that you want you edit.

Display chords on your lyrics.

You can display beautiful SVG guitar chords on your lyrics just by writing the chords name above a lyric-line. Writing a chord either as ChordPro or simply by writing the name will render a beautifully designed SVG image of the how you play the chord, just like you know it from websites like UltimateGuitar.

Visual chord
Visual chord

Make comments for you and your partner.

Do you need to remember small details or do you need to sing something completely different at one place in the song? You can remind yourself or help reminding your duo’s members by adding comments to your bands lyrics. Comments can be used to write anything no matter if it is a private message or a reminder about something.

Comments are encrypted and can only be read by You or the users that have access to the specific lyric that you wrote the comment on.

Print the lyrics with one click.

Sometimes it is nice to have a hard-copy of your lyrics and we know that. That’s why we have built in a print button which will optimise the view of your lyric and afterwards print it for you. We encourage you not to print lyrics onto physical paper, since one of our main goals with SetlistR is to bring down the use of paper in the music-industry, but we also understand that under special circumstances you need that hard-copy.


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Create and store lyrics in the cloud

For many years it has been an industri standard to write lyrics on paper and to simply print new when they are needed. Doing so usually means buying expensive ink and lots of paper in order to keep up with the constant changes. Let us give you a reason why you should switch to storing your lyrics in the cloud.

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