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Maintaining the lyrics and setlists in a band can be hard and timeconsuming. With SetlistR save both money and hours.

SetlistR Groups

Create setlists once

Many bands have a setlist for every special ocasion, and every time a new ocasion comes up you will have to update it. With the old classic method you will have to print out a copy for every member, but with SetlistR groups you only have to create a setlist once.

When a setlist has been made it takes no time to update it with new content and to make it even better, every member of the group can help maintaining the setlists.

SetlistR Group & Lyric

Never has it been easier

With SetlistR you won't ever again have to buy expensive ink and paper when it comes to updating lyrics and setlists. Simply go to your groups page, find the material you would like to edit and make changes that every member can see. Never has it been this easy and never have you had more time to do what you like.

When you or another member of your group edit a lyric, the changes will automatically be saved and will be made public for all group members. Lyric changes will also automatically be saved to setlists, so you only have to do the work once.


5 good reasons your band should use SetlistR

Being in a band is nice and you most likely love almost every aspect of playing together with your friends, but when there is something good there is also something bad. If maintaining lyrics and setlist's, printing papers and buying ink isn’t on the top of your love-list, then we have given you 5 good reasons why you should try SetlistR.

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