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One of SetlistR's core features is to make it easy creating beautiful and useful lyrics. Here you can read more about how it will help your music career and the environment.

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Create beautiful and useful lyrics

When we made SetlistR we had in mind that it should be easy to create beautiful and customised lyrics. Every musician is unique so why shouldn't the lyrics be the same. That is why when creating lyrics you will experience many ways to customise the lyrics into your likings.

Most other services on the market today only offer one specific way for all of your texts, but by having diversity in mind we have created a product that fits most musicians. No matter if you would like bigger headlines, fatter font or extra lines with information in your lyrics, then we can handle it.

Visual chord

Add visual chords

Most musicians today think it is nice to display the chords on every line together with the lyric and we thought that too. Therefore we have built in a function that allows you to add your chords and get them displayed in a beautiful and functional way.

For many years it has been popular to use ChordPro as a way of writing chords into lyrics and many companies online have used it. Therefore we have also implemented ChordPro into SetlistR so that you can write chords the way that you have always done it. As a twist we have made our system smarter, so that you don't necessarily have to write the chords within square-brackets. You can simply write your chords above a line of lyrics and the system will automatically detect them.

Unique chords will as standard be displayed as beautiful SVG images showing a fretboard and how to play chord. If you prefer not using this feature, we have added an option in the settings to turn this on/off.


Lyric Prompting app on iOS, Android, OSx or Windows device

Writing lyrics is time-consuming and when you are trying to make them beautiful at the same time it takes even longer. SetlistR helps you shorten that time significantly by giving you a system where you can add lyrics quickly. Click to read more about how SetlistR can help you


10 tips to write better lyrics

Writing songs can be hard and difficult, especially if you haven't practiced much before. In this article we are giving you 10 tips to how you can write better lyrics and make the whole process easier for yourself.

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