Create and customise setlists in no time

Almost every musician makes use of setlists, so we have made it quick and easy to create and customise setlists that fit your needs.

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Create setlists in no time

Almost every musician is out there is making use of setlists either when practicing with a band / group, when preparing for a gig or while playing on stage. Setlists come in handy in many situations and that is why we focused on making it easy and fast to create and customise setlists to fit your needs.

Creating a setlist doesn't have to take long and it for sure doesn't have to take lots of work in order to get done. With SetlistR you simply write a name for the setlist to make it easy recognizable and then you attach the lyrics / songs you need. Once you have chosen your songs / lyrics you can organize them into the order you want simply by dragging and dropping.

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Share the workload

Most musicians propably recognize that when new lyrics or setlists needs to be printed it is most often the member with a printer that gets the job. The job can take long time and finally once it is done you will have to print it in many copies only to figure out that there was an error. This approach has been the classic way of doing it, but it is costly in both ink and paper.

With SetlistR you can share the workload of creating and maintaining lyrics and setlists between the group members. When you are in a group together all the members will have access to your files.

No more printing papers and buying ink all the time. Just open SetlistR and create / edit a lyric or setlist. Now preparations take 1/10 of the time you spent before.


How to write the perfect setlist for your band

One of the many necessities as entertainers, is to plan ahead for the perfect performance. From the music itself, the flow of the performance and each band member’s moment to shine. In this article we will give you some tools to create the perfect setlist for your band.


Set list maker for iOS, Android, Mac and Windows

Being able to create set list’s quick and easily as a musician is a powerful tool. This is where SetlistR comes in the picture. In this article we will explain to You why a set list app is important and what it can offer You!

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