Few good advices for you

Get started

Getting started with SetlistR only takes 10 seconds, but we would still like to give you some good advices on the way to get you started in the best possible way.


Create lyrics

The first step to get started is to add / create the lyrics that you need in your work. You might have a ton of them, so this step can take some time before you are done, but once it is done you won't have to think about it again.

Remember that you have the opportunity to customise and make your lyrics look really good, so take your time and do it thoroughly. You can also add chords to your lyrics and choose if they should be displayed with beautiful fret images.

Create setlists

Once you have created some lyrics you will be able to create your first setlist. We know that you often will be editing or creating new setlist's therefore we have made it easy and quick to do so.

Creating a setlist is easy and to do so you start by giving it a recognizable name. Afterwards you choose your songs and organize them in the order you want to play them. All of the setlist's that you have made will be shown on the Setlist page.


Create groups

If you have a band / group or a duo it would make sense to create a group for both you and your band / group members. Inside the group you will all be able to create lyrics and setlists, to spread the work across the band / group.

Creating a group can be done in only a few steps. Simply give your band / group a name and write the email addresses of your members. If these members already have an account on SetlistR, they will see an invitation on their groups page and if they do not yet have an account with us, an invitation will be sent to their email.

Install SetlistR

SetlistR might at first appear to only be a website, but we are in fact a web application. Being a web application allows us to act as both a website and a tablet / mobile application.

Being both a website and an application allows us to give you access from almost any device on the market today. You can install SetlistR as a software on your Windows or Mac and you can install it on your tablet or mobile as well.

Installing SetlistR on your devices minize the time you spend opening the browser, navigating to our website and logging in. In most mobile and tablet browsers you can save your login details together with your fingerprint to minimize the time it takes access your account.


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