Why SetlistR?

Reasons are not hard to find and here we have given you 6 good one's to help you decide. Remember SetlistR is free and you get 30 days free trial when signing up for SetlistR Premium.

Check icon Better for the environment
Check icon Saves tons of time in maintenance
Check icon Everything is kept in the cloud
Check icon Save lots of money on ink
Check icon Create once, share with all group members
Check icon Share the workload
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Write lyrics, add chords, customise them as you want and save them directly to your profile. Click "Learn more" to read more about Lyrics.

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Prepare for future events by creating and organising setlists. No more printing papers and buying ink. Click "Learn more" to read more about Setlists.

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Create and organize shared lyrics and setlists between you and your group members. Click "Learn more" to read more about Groups.

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