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With SetlistR you always have your lyrics and setlists right where you need them. Create groups and share content with your group/band members

SetlistR Setlist & Lyric


SetlistR offers a product where you can write and organize lyrics and setlists as an individual or as a group.


Write lyrics, add chords, customise them as you want and save them directly to your profile.

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Prepare for future events by creating and organising setlists. No more printing papers and buying ink.

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Create and organize shared lyrics and setlists between you and your group members.

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System update: Preferred language

SetlistR is happy to announce that we soon open up for a new feature called "Preferred language" which will allow You to change SetlistR into the language you prefer.


System update: Your personal data is now encrypted

Your data is important to us and also your privacy. Therefore we have included some upgrades in the latest system update that encrypts all your personal information in our database. With this encryption your personal information will be save and unreadable to any eyes.

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